If you love to dance
come with us!

Love 2 Dance – Volos Dancesport Academy was founded in 2013, with the aim of meeting and educating people of all ages in the Social but mainly in the Sports Dance. He is a member of EHOE (National Dance and Sports Federation of Greece) and WDSF (World Dancesport Federation).

Today it is the best and largest Dance Academy of Central Greece and one of the strongest in Greece, as well as the only one in Volos that deals intensively and specialized with Athletic Dance, having created and promoted hundreds of Dancers-Athletes, Competition Teams and Competitive Couples.



Love 2 Dance – Volos Dancesport Academy is located in the most central part of the city of Volos, in a beautifully designed space, with:

• 3 Ballrooms, heated and air-conditioned.
• Reception, reception, secretariat.
• Lounge, canteen, trophy cabinet.
• Love 2 Dance Boutique, dance shop (clothing, footwear, accessories).
• Locker rooms with air conditioning, heating, ventilation and showers.


It is the liveliest cell of Latin and Standard Sports Dance in all of Greece, working highly professionally, with the top and most experienced Coaches of Greece and the World, who take over our athletes, creating for each one individually, the most specialized and modern preparation programThe result: Championships, Cups, Medals … But also hundreds of young men and women who play sports … Dancing !!! All you have to do is visit us, admire our rich trophy cabinet and realize the difference for yourself !!!