Lella Milano Instant Dance Tanning Cream


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The Lella Milano Instant Dance Tanning Cream – 90ml is a professional tanning cream without DHA that provides immediate color to the body without streaks and in a completely uniform manner. It can be applied even shortly before a competition, as it dries within minutes. It is durable and not only resistant to water or sweat but also easily removed with soap and water or shower gel during showering. Essentially, it can be compared to a body foundation, so it can be easily cleaned during the regular washing cycle if it accidentally ends up on clothing. It is recommended to use shimmer powder in the next step for a radiant finish.



Usage Instructions:

  1. Apply an even layer of the product to the skin as needed. It can even be applied a few minutes before a competition, as the product dries within minutes.
  2. If reapplication is needed during a competition, the cream can be easily applied even if the skin is sweaty.


Easily remove the product from the skin with soap and water. It also washes out easily from clothing during regular washing cycles.